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Electric Scooter Review – Super Soco CPx

Apr 11, 2022

A new age

Some might say there is a revolution rumbling away in the two-wheeled world. It’s a revolution powered by currents stronger than fierce rapids, but quiet enough you wouldn’t hear it coming past you. I’d say the dawn of the electric scooter is fast approaching.

Recognized by their green-strip number plates, electric-powered vehicles are growing increasingly popular of late. This is largely thanks to their environmentally friendly output and government initiatives to encourage the switch to electric vehicles.

A reminder to all: there will be no new petrol and diesel vehicles manufactured from 2030. Furthermore, sales of only used cars of that type are permitted from then on.

With this in mind, more people now want to know how similar or effective riding an electric scooter is compared to petrol and diesel.

A chance to trial…

Recently, the Wheels to Work team had the opportunity to trial-ride the Super Soco CPx. Of those currently on the market, this is one of the top electric scooters you’ll be able to find.

We put the CPx to the test with one clear objective: how does it match up to our Piaggio Liberty 125’s?

We said keep an eye out, so wait no longer! Here is what we thought of one of the best electric scooters around…


In terms of its design, the CPx is stylish yet understated.

It has a sleek black body with matte grey protectors, a spacious and comfortable seat (pillion attached also) with appropriate legroom as well as a host of other little surprises.

It’s a big bike; Super Soco’s website describe it as having a “large road presence” which I could not agree with more.

I felt almost absolute comfort behind the handlebars of this noticeably bigger electric scooter. It might not be universally appealing, but from someone who’s been described many a time as “lanky,” it was a refreshing change.

Facing the CPx front-on is where you will see it stand out the most with its bold headlight and windshield. Our model was silver but other ones out there also include a neon red or yellow lining; hard to miss out on the roads.

The Ride

On a sunny and slightly windy Tuesday afternoon the Wheels to Work team of Pam & myself, accompanied by Mark from Spyder Club, set out for a ride on a variety of two-wheeled machines.

Pam was on on a Piaggio Liberty 125, Mark was on an Aprilia SR GT 125 Sport, I was on the CPx.

Both Pam and I have recently passed our CBT courses, and so the opportunity to go for test-rides is a fantastic way for us to hone our newfound skills and build up confidence.

Mark, on the other hand, is blessed with the experience of a tried and tested rider. Naturally, he led the way for the whole venture.

The first thing I noticed with the CPx was its response; it very quickly reacted to my gentle twisting of the throttle. The novice in me needed a few laps to get more comfortable with it before hitting the open road.

Whilst being quick off the starting block might not work out for some riders, I found once I was moving I had more control both in terms of my speed but also with my handling of the bike around corners and bends.

With that, the time had come…Mark gave the signal, and we were off onto live roads.

The key question I, as well as many skeptics of electric-powered vehicles, had about the CPx was can it keep up with its petrol-fueled competitors?

The answer was an emphatic yes.

Like a chapter of Hell’s Angels, we rode one behind another in formation into Silverstone village…well I will admit, a less conventional one without the Harleys or the leathers…but let me tell you, this electric scooter was not lacking in juice.

Despite being able to hear conversations of people walking past, I felt the full force of the CPx’s emission-free power. It really was similar to what Pam was riding just ahead of me, minus the roars.

We hit the village roundabouts for some twists and turns and then had a good blast down a few country roads. Admittedly, Mark did pull away from the both of us at this point!

We made our way back into Silverstone and found a good spot for some team/bike photos before heading home.

Here’s a short clip of the CPx and Liberty 125 in action…we’re not exactly stuntmen but you get the idea!

In Conclusion…

What can I say about the CPx?

It’s as quick as our Liberty 125’s and, even for an inexperienced rider like myself, I found it effortless.

It looks the part on the road with only two giveaways that it is any different from a normal scooter: the green-strip plates and the quiet engine.

The biggest stamp of approval I can give it was what Mark had to say when we parked up at base:

“When I looked in my mirrors all I saw was a great big grin through your helmet.”

Who said anything about nerves? As someone looking to build his confidence on two wheels, the best compliment I can pay the CPx is that it gave me just that.

I’d recommend everyone gives electric a go to see what all the buzz is about.

Written By Max Cawthorne.

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