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What to get a scooter rider for Christmas

Nov 27, 2023

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Can’t think what present to get the scooter rider in your life for Christmas?

Follow our simple guide for some ideas. Not everything on the list is budget priced but we tried to take into consideration various options. Our cheapest item comes in at under a tenner up to a few hundred pounds.

Please do check out the items and make sure you read reviews carefully as we are not affiliated with any of the items.

Top Gift Ideas

Electric Heated Gloves

Granted we’ve started at the top end of the price scale; this is more of an investment item but so worth it!! Cold hands are the worst when you are riding a long journey in the winter. Plug these in overnight and you are good to go in the morning.

You will find some decent deals but remember to get motorcycle gloves and not general sports related ones. Sports gloves won’t come with the same hand protection.

The cheapest pair of heated gloves that we found were priced at just under £100 up to around £300 and probably beyond.



Remember to read the reviews to ensure they are suitable.

Top Box

For those who are commuting to work on a scooter, adding some extra space can only be a win. A standard 30L top box is priced at £59.99.                                

There are a couple of people on the Wheels to Work scheme who have purchased their own top-box which means they are able to keep it at the end of the hire.

Wheels to Work customers can hire a top box from £2.75 a week, this could also be an option.

Highly Visible Jacket

One crucial safety feature alongside your helmet is wearing an armoured jacket. Even though it’s not a legal requirement, we recommend all our customers wear one – an armoured jacket will provide protection if you have a slip or fall.

The jacket we are showcasing is an entry level commuter jacket, and has a fluorescent strip over the shoulder making the rider more visible in the dark. This jacket is priced at £89.99 from Oxford Products.

Helmet Care Case Kit with Helmet Care Products

 If you are looking for a stocking filler, then this could be the answer. This is a small case that will hold all your helmet cleaning products and cloth. It is vital to have clear vision at all times as well as having a clean visor especially when riding in the dark.

Windproof Balaclava

Staying with the theme of keeping warm and dry, a windproof balaclava could be the perfect stocking filler. It can be worn as a full or partial face covering under the helmet and will keep your head warm as the temperatures continue to drop.

This balaclava listed on Oxford Products website comes in at £29.99.

Motorcycle Thermal Socks

Who doesn’t love warm socks? It’s always a good stocking filler for Christmas. Wearing warm socks under boots has long been something that we recommend. Even when not riding wearing thermal socks can make a big difference outside. Unlike on a motorcycle where you use your feet to change gear. On a scooter your feet don’t move at all so on longer journeys they can start to get cold. These thermal socks are designed to keep your feet warm and dry. Oxford Products sell 2 different lengths of socks regular and long. Both priced at just under £10.

Rain seal over Trouser or Jacket

When the rain comes, instead of investing in full waterproof gear which can be an added expense that you don’t need. The next best options can be adding an over jacket and/or trouser to your armoured gear. Being wet whilst riding can be a distraction that you just don’t need. These items are lightweight enough to wear over the top of your motorcycle trousers or jacket. They also have the convenience of being folded away and kept neatly in the compartment under the seat of any scooter.

Rainseal trousers – £29.99

Rainseal Jacket – £39.99

We have chosen the fluorescent style as this colour is clearly visible in rainy and dark weather.

Protective Jeans

The good thing about protective jeans is that you can still bring your own style to scooter riding and be safe too. They are constructed with armourlite – which, according to the manufacturer, provides protection like racing leathers.

The jeans are super stretchy so come with comfort, but they won’t be able to keep you as warm as thermal protective biker gear. They are possibly more suitable for the Autumn and Spring then the depths of Winter. Due the woven specialism, they are more expensive. The cheapest pair that I could find on Oxford Products were £130. A slightly more expensive Christmas present, but again, there could be good Black Friday or Christmas sales where you can get them cheaper.


Finally, we come to the end of our Christmas wish list. Braces may not be for everyone, but it can add a bit of fun to your riding outfit – the specialist braces that Oxford products sell are extra strong and suitable for riding. They are not the same as the standard ones that you would wear with a suit.

Oxford Products sell plain and patterned styles and are priced at under £30 so a great option for a Christmas present.

We hope this has provided some inspiration for a Christmas gift.

As always, we welcome your feedback – if you have any comments to make on our suggestions or can add some more items that you would like to see on the list, then please share them.

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