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Five Ways to Protect You From Scooter Theft

Apr 5, 2023

Sadly, the rate of motorcycle and scooter theft across the country has increased over the last few years.

Whether it is a Wheels to Work scooter or your own, no one wants to see their valuables and investments end up in the hands of a thief.

Incidents like this will also result in additional costs related to recovery and repairs, all of which potentially could have been avoided.

You might think that preventing this kind of thing is impossible, however you’d be surprised at how much the little things you can control could make a big difference.

W2W Silverstone would like to offer five tips to help protect your vehicle from theft:

1. Using the secure lock and moped cover

Wheels to Work customers are provided with a chain lock FOC.
Best use of the lock would be to secure it through the back wheel to a ground anchor or an object equally robust which would prevent the scooter from being wheeled away.

Even if there is nothing to secure it to, you must use a lock.
You can wrap it around the rear wheel twice so that, even if the thief has an angle grinder, there is still some extra work to remove the lock properly.

We can also provide you with a cover for your scooter as additional protection.
Having watched CCTV footage of thefts in progress, it’s obvious anything that will slow down or complicate the theft is a deterrent.

2. Steering lock

Don’t make it easy for someone to try and take your bike away.
Always ensure that the steering lock is on and remove the keys from the ignition regardless of how long you are parking it up for.

It takes seconds for someone to just jump on your scooter and ride away – don’t give them the chance.

3. Park in a secure space

Scooter theft is more likely to occur in places easily visible or accessible. Where you store your scooter overnight and during the day must be considered.

Scooters are easy targets so if you have a lockable garage or shed, use it. If not, keep your bike somewhere covered and out of sight.

If you are leaving it on the drive or street, keep it locked up and we would highly recommend using a cover.

Even so, don’t be complacent. Use the secure lock as a further deterrent for theft. Time is of the essence for thieves and they won’t hang around if it seems like a difficult job.

4. CCTV and Lights

We understand that not everyone will have this as an option but parking the scooter in front of CCTV cameras, especially one with an automatic light, can act as a deterrent.

5. Social Media

It’s an exciting thing having your Wheels to Work scooter delivered, or even purchasing your own, but try to prevent from posting about it on social media. People target this type of content, especially if your settings are public.

Please remember if a theft happens to call the police and, if it is a Wheels to Work scooter, report it to us as soon as possible.

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