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Post Lockdown Travel Solution

May 6, 2020

Post Lockdown Travel Solution

Post Lockdown Travel Solution: Wheels to Work Silverstone are offering a post lockdown travel solution. Hire a scooter, moped or 125 cc motorcycle and safely commute to work, avoiding public transport.

The general belief seems to be that at this Sunday’s 10th May briefing, the government will announce plans to ease lockdown restrictions and restart parts of the economy. 

With the prospect of positive news for some business on the horizon, there will be those employees concerned about travelling on public transport as they head back to work.

At Wheels to Work Silverstone we have the perfect solution, travelling on a scooter or motorcycle is efficient, economical and the very nature of the ride means you are social distancing.   

A scooter comes with a face mask in the form of a helmet and gloves should be worn too.  It also comes with luggage space under the seat and when you arrive at work on a powered two-wheeler, there is no need for a shower and change of clothes.

There is the added benefit of easier parking too and whilst securing a motorcycle or scooter is essential these, they take up very little space and substantial lock can fit under the seat.

Wheels to Work Silverstone can offer a long-term commuting solution for anyone who has a CBT (compulsory basic training), if not, there are plenty of CBT centres happy to help you through your test.

If you are looking for an alternative to commuting on public transport post lockdown please let Wheels to Work Silverstone know your situation and we’ll do what we can to provide a solution.  We can offer short or long-term scooter hire.

For a quote on a specific motorcycle or scooter and terms and conditions please email or call 01327 857213.

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