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Piaggio Zip 50cc Review

Jan 20, 2022

At Wheels to Work Silverstone we offer you two of the finest scooters you’ll find in all the land and in this post, we’re looking at the sleek and stylish Piaggio Zip 50cc model; a real crowd pleaser.

Our partner Spyder Motorcycles are a corporate dealership for Piaggio Motorcycles, so we know everything there is to know about this Italian beauty.

Here’s what we think…

A Piaggio Zip 50 scooter.

Designed for the busy and bold

The Zip 50 boasts spacious storage in the form of an under-the-seat compartment big enough for something like a full-face helmet.

A roomy footwell and a peg for hanging bags; what more could you need?

A helmet being stored under-the-seat of the Zip 50's spacious compartment.

Comfort optional?

That’s never the case with the Zip 50, as you’ll soon find out upon delivery.

3 different seat heights for you to choose from giving you a variety of options, and a seat crafted for a commute with ease.

The seat of the Piaggio Zip 50.

We did say stylish, didn’t we?

The Zip 50 has a striking handlebar design that sets you apart from everyone else on the road. Stand-out on the drive to work.

its lightweight design gives you the agile edge from the moment you turn the key to the moment your driving back home.

The front of the Piaggio Zip 50, showing the handlebars, front lights and Piaggio logo on a sunny day.

Do we have your attention? Are you looking for a scooter perfect for the work commute? Do you just want that little bit of freedom back? Look no further.

Check out the specs here, or if you are ready to apply for the Piaggio Zip 50cc then click here!