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Piaggio Liberty 125 Scooter Review

Apr 27, 2021

Piaggio Liberty 125 Scooter Review

Piaggio Liberty 125 Scooter Review – at Wheels to Work Silverstone we offer the Piaggio Liberty 125 for scooter hire. As Wheels to Work Silverstone partner’s Spyder Motorcycles are a corporate dealership for Piaggio, the Liberty 125 was the obvious choice to offer new and older riders alike a fun, safe and comfortable bike.

We’re not alone in thinking this, Lexham Insurance who provide insurance for riders reviewed the Liberty 125 too and came up with a very similar opinion:

Piaggio Liberty 125 Scooter Review…the Liberty should be able to maintain 60mph in most situations, with a tiny bit more on top if needed.

The large wheels on the Liberty really do make a difference when riding. With the large 16” wheel at the front, it makes the Liberty incredibly agile, and very confidence-inspiring as those tyres feel well gripped on the tarmac. Navigating busy roads really is a doddle!

I have to admit, the Liberty has surprised me slightly – it provides a great riding experience. Though it looks very smart and sensible, don’t let this fool you as for a 125cc air-cooled scooter, it is well equipped to have some fun!

Read the full article on the Lexham Insurance website and to apply to join our scooter hire scheme click here.