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Phone Call Checklist

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

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The Applicant


Phone no.

Who made the call?


Are they employed?

If no, are they actively looking for work?

What do they do for work?

Can they briefly explain what they will be using the scooter for?

If any criminal convictions, driving offences etc. can they briefly explain the circumstances?


What day of the week would they like their payments to come out?

Does the applicant understand how we take payment?

Does the applicant understand the consequences of missing payments?

Scooter Information

What riding experience do they have?

Where will the scooter be stored overnight?

Where will the scooter be stored during the day?

Does the applicant agree to use the lock when they are not with the scooter?

What do they think their daily mileage will be?

Does the applicant understand and agree to the monthly mileage limit?

Does the applicant understand what they cannot do with/whilst using the scooter?

General things

What's the best way to contact the applicant?

How did the applicant find out about us?

Does the applicant understand and agree to what has been run through on the call?

Write down any questions that were asked/things to be followed up on if need be


Finish the phone call. Notes about how the call went, how the applicant came across and their suitability for W2W to be made here and discussed internally..