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Is a Scooter The Way Forward?

Nov 3, 2022

Right now, we are living in uncertain times. With the cost of living crisis affecting everyone, it can be confusing to know what lifestyle changes you can make to save money. This is why we sing the praises of our Wheels to Work scheme. Granted a scooter may not be for everyone, however if you are interested in a more cost-effective transport solution, it’s certainly worth looking into.

Fuel efficent and a financial help

Our 125cc scooters are powerful little machines on the road and a much greener alternative than petrol and diesel cars. It generates lower emissions and is much more fuel efficient than anything on four-wheels. A full tank of E10 petrol will cost you approximately £10 and you will get around 150 miles out of it. Not a bad option for the commute to work!

We are currently offering the 125cc scooter at a discounted weekly rate of £40 for the first eight weeks. It then goes back to £50 per week thereafter.

Stress-free and fun

Riding a scooter is a completely different experience to riding a car on the road. You are closer to the elements and to nature, and it also requires a level of focus and concentration. This has been reported to have a calming effect on riders who say it also helps improve their mental wellbeing.

Making it easy for you

Many people may have never considered riding a scooter. As our habits and expenses adjust to these unsettling times, it is definitely a mode of transport that shouldn’t be ruled out. There are many other advantages to using a scooter:

  • They are easy to park and take up less space.
  • You can park in most multi-storeys and car parks for free on a scooter.
  • You will get through traffic quicker which causes less congestion.

Getting started

To hire a scooter from Wheels to Work Silverstone, you need:

  • To hold either a provisional or full driving licence
  • To have taken your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) – this is a day’s training to ensure that you are safe to ride.
  • To provide a recent payslip for proof that you can afford and maintain the weekly payments.

Taking your CBT is simple and there are many centres dotted around the UK. Just like any other business, they have also been impacted with fuel price increases. You will be looking at paying between £120 – £175 for the course dependent on the centre you choose. 

You can check out our previous blog on what to expect during your CBT here.

Hopefully this blog has pushed you in the direction of hiring one of our amazing scooters! You can apply here.

Wheels to Work

Are you looking for a way to get back to work? Do you need an affordable and convenient transport solution?

Wheels to Work provide 50cc and 125cc scooters in Northants, Bucks, Beds, Berks, Warks, Leics and Oxon to support you getting to and from your place of work.

If transport is restricting you actively seeking employment, training, or an apprenticeship, or you work anti-social hours, then hiring a scooter gives you independence and opportunity.

Training and protective clothing can be provided with the scooter too.

For further details, please call 01327 857213 or email info@wheelstowork.net. If you’d like to go ahead and apply, click here.