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How-to Videos with Jon – Part Two

May 27, 2022

Welcome to Part Two of our series of how-to videos. Find Part One here.

If you’ve just started your hire with Wheels to Work, we advise you take a look at these helpful videos. They’ll give you a crash course in some of the basics of riding and maintaining a scooter.

Even if you’re not a customer, and maybe you’re just new to the two wheel world, we hope they can help.

Watch below as our mechanic and technician Jon takes you through your scooter:

Overview of the dash & buttons

If this is your first time on a Piaggio scooter, you might not know exactly what a certain light or button means. Whilst most are pretty universal, it’s always good to be sure. Watch below as Jon takes you through it:

Overview of the warning lights

It is absolutely essential to know what a certain light means on the dash, especially if it is warning you of an issue. Ignoring these would not only do harm to the scooter, but you would have to pay for the damages if you were found to have not taken action. Watch carefully and take note of what you need to do if a particualr light starts flashing:

How to turn on the steering lock

When leaving your scooter parked somewhere, you should always apply the steering lock for extra security. Watch below as Jon shows you how:

Locking your scooter using the Oxford chain

If you hire one of our scooters, we will provide you with an Oxford chain which you can use to lock your scooter securely. Take a look below at the correct way to do so:

In conclusion…

There you have it – we hope both parts One and Two of these how-to videos have been very useful for all riders out there.

Maintaining your scooter to the right standard is something we expect from all our customers and, if you follow the easy steps in each of these videos, you can’t go wrong.

Whatever you are using the scooter for, whether it be getting to work or to the local shops, stay safe when you’re riding and enjoy your freedom on two wheels.

Wheels to Work

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If transport is restricting you actively seeking employment, training, or an apprenticeship, or you work anti-social hours, then hiring a scooter gives you independence and opportunity.

Training and protective clothing can be provided with the scooter too.

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