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Getting Your Full Motorcycle Licence

Mar 8, 2023

Primarily, Wheels to Work is here to help people who struggle for transport get to and from the workplace. However, it can also be a person’s first real experience riding on two-wheels.

Some customers are with us at the age of 16 riding a 50cc. They will then move over to a 125cc when they turn 17 and can legally hire one.

For some people, our service is a means to a very important end – getting them to and from work.

They may be saving money and taking driving lessons at the same time. When they pass their test and end their scooter hire with us, they will go on to purchase their first car.

On the other hand, there are those who love the experience of riding so much they want to progress to their full motorcycle licence and a more powerful bike.

But where do they begin?

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

For those who have never ridden before, this is the starting point. The CBT is an assessment where you spend a day learning to ride up to a 125cc geared or automatic bike.

To hire with us, an applicant must be able to show a valid CBT certificate.

The first part of training covers the Highway Code, as well as the controls of the bike and how to ride safely. To pass, you must ride on the open road – however you’ll only do so once you are confident enough.

This part of the training will be assessed by the instructor. He will ride with you and give instructions over a headset/earpiece. This will take up to two hours, after which the instructor decides whether or not you have passed. If you do, you will be given a certificate as proof of completion which expires after 2 years.

Legally, you will be able to ride on all roads apart from motorways with an ‘L’ Plate. You can choose to continue renewing your CBT every 2 years, or you can continue the journey to a full motorcycle licence.

A1 and A2

If you are 17 or 18, you can sit a theory and practical test for your A1 licence – this means you don’t need to ride around with ‘L’ plates, however you are still limited to a 125cc and below.

If you hold onto your CBT until your 19th Birthday, you can then do a 2-part test to qualify for your A2 licence.

Mod 1 & Mod 2

The Mod 1 test is off-road meaning that it is in a safe and controlled area.

It is focused on the manoeuvring of the motorcycle – figure of eights, emergency stops, U-turns, etc. You must pass Mod 1 to be able to move on to the second part – the Mod 2 – which takes place out on the road.

You can book both tests at the same time but you must pass your Mod 1 before progressing to Mod 2.

There are 4 parts to your Mod 2:

  • Eyesight test

You must be able to read a new style number plate from 20 metres or an old-style number plate from 20.5 metres.

  • Vehicle safety question

The instructor needs to know that you can carry out basic safety checks. They will ask 2 “show me, tell me” questions from a list of set questions.

  • Road riding

You will be assessed on your riding in various road and traffic situations, but not on the motorway. They will give instructions via an earpiece and ask you to carry out a series of actions: a normal stop, hill start and an angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)

  • Independent riding

The instructor will assess you riding independently for 10 minutes. The route will be mapped out by the instructor and they will observe your navigation and decision-making skills.

At the end of this, they will give you a pass or a fail.

If you fail, you will be able to apply for a re-sit after 10 working days. If you pass, you will be able to ride without your ‘L’ plates straightaway. You don’t need to wait for your licence to arrive.

Hiring a motorcycle

Once you have 2 years’ experience riding on a full motorcycle licence, you are then eligible to hire from Spyder Motorcycles.

Please check out the range of bikes available to hire here.

Wheels to Work

Are you looking for a way to get back to work? Do you need an affordable and convenient transport solution?

Wheels to Work provide 50cc and 125cc scooters in Northants, Bucks, Beds, Berks, Warks, Leics, Oxon, Shrops, Notts, Staffs and South Yorks to support you getting to and from your place of work.

If transport is restricting you actively seeking employment, training, or an apprenticeship, or you work anti-social hours, then hiring a scooter gives you independence and opportunity.

Training and protective clothing can be provided with the scooter too.

For further details, please call 01327 857213 or email info@wheelstowork.net. If you’d like to go ahead and apply, click here.