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Five Reasons to Hire a Scooter

Feb 2, 2022

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Hiring a scooter may not have been something you once considered, however many inner cities are starting to adopt a “healthier street policy” and reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Scooters are becoming a popular choice of alternative transport when the commute to work is not practical via public transport, cycling or walking.

There are so many benefits of scooter hire – and not only for you. Here are 5 reasons to hire a scooter from us:

Cost Saving

If saving money is a priority for you then this is a viable option.

Weekly payments start from £44 for a 50cc or £50 for a 125cc with Wheels to Work, and it covers the following:

  • The Scooter hire itself.
  • Delivery of the scooter.
  • Tax, MOT, and all service costs.
  • Breakdown cover.
Four Piaggio scooters lined up in front of the Wheels to Work office in Silverstone.

Environment and Fuel Consumption

We hire out both 50cc and 125cc scooters, both of which use less fuel and have small engines.  This means that they burn less fuel than a larger vehicle doing the same journey which reduces harmful emissions.

Reducing emissions from road transport is a priority as the UK looks to reach net zero emissions by 2050. 

A shot of several scooters lined with with their handlebars the focus.

Road Friendly & Easy Commute

With a scooter you can navigate the traffic better, especially with congestion being a common problem.

Many people that use our service have struggles getting into work or college. They may work unsociable hours, or the commute may be too far to walk or cycle daily.

A scooter can be an alternative form of transport for those who struggle getting to and from work.

Two Piaggio scooters facing each other and two of Wheels to Works' delivery vans behind them.

Saves Space

If space is an issue either at home or at work, then the scooter is for you. As obvious as it may seem, this is often overlooked. 

You can pop your scooter in your shed, or some people store them within their home. If there are limited parking spaces at work, a scooter will take up less space on the street/onsite parking.

A Piaggio Liberty 125cc scooter parked up in the sun.

Start from a young age

One of the many benefits about a scooter is that you can hire from as young as 16 years of age.

There are however some limitations if you are this young; you will only be able to use a 50cc, but these are cheaper to hire out.

A Wheels to Work promotional photo - it shows two customers who have just received their hire scooters as well as the Wheels to Work logo.

All you will need to get you on the road is a Provisional Driving License and your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training Certificate).

If you are 18 years and over then you will need to show proof of employment with a recent payslip.

Those under 18 years of age will need a guarantor to sign on with you.

If you are looking to get out on the road soon, then please contact our super friendly team! We will be able to help get you on your scooter in no time!

The Wheels to Work logo - two bold stick men; one handing over a scooter whilst the other receives it with his hand on one of the handlebars.